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Pre-ICO Start
15/10/2018 6PM CET

1 000 000 000 WNC

Pre-ICO End

Start ICO
15/11/2018 6PM CET

4 000 000 000 WNC


Soft Cap 3 500 000$
Hard Cap 20 500 000$
Start pointer
2 weeks
40% Bonus
2 weeks
30% Bonus
8 weeks
PRE-ICO end in
WNC Price: 0,005$

The new era of online sales

Because the future lies in the convergence of services, Winnest offers you all the benefits of tomorrow's market today. Social marketplace, Winnest offers a global marketplace supported by a social economy that allows everyone to be rewarded for his contributions and have his visibility increased.

purchasing power




A democratic economy

Thanks to the revolutionary cryptocurrency technology, all transactions are carried out directly from user to user without any middleman involved. Increase your purchasing power on a revolutionary platform at the crossroads of collaborative economy and social gaming.

Based on a multi-tier affiliate system, buy and sell at cost price safely with our local currency, the WNC, currency based on Ethereum® technology.

The WNC is exchangeable for other well-known cryptocurrencies on the Mercatox exchange.


Winnest is not just an online business platform, Winnest is also a social network that allows each of its stakeholders to contribute to the optimum performance of the network.

A collectivization of earnings system based on the exchange of services allows everyone to see their actions rewarded, whatever their financial resources.

Without upfront investment, see your profits grow according to your contributions to the community, following a sponsorship system allowing each intermediary to receive a percentage of each sales made by its network. Each share helps strengthen the network ecosystem, and each user connection increases the number of transactions and your profits. So, whatever your initial investment, your involvement guarantees you profits.

Rocket Clouds

Play ... and win for real!

The implementation of a hierarchical system of user ranks allows a rapid evolution of your income according to your importance in the network.

The simple and intuitive interface of Winnest allows you to follow currency rates, your level of evolution on the market and the size of your network in realtime. Playful, the platform will offer you various missions to expand your network of influence and thereby multiply your earnings.

But unlike a management game, these are not worthless points, but loyalty Tokens that you can spend at your leisure on the Winnest market, for example by choosing to use them to promote your products, or simply convert them into our WNC cryptocurrency itself convertible into FIAT currency and spend them as you see fit.

The exchange rate between TWNC and WNC is determined by an algorithm based on a geometric series.


Our currency

Transactions are done through our local currency, the WNC. Based on the Ethereum protocol, it ensures safe and secure exchanges thanks to its Blockchain system which ensures the integrity of all transfers, without any intermediary.

A “wallet” or virtual wallet is at your disposal, retracing all your operations. You can acquire cryptocurrency in different ways; by converting your loyalty tokens earned on the market place via purchases, sales, or via the various missions offered. However, there is nothing stopping you from trading on the network using the currency of your choice, but for better long-term returns, we recommend maintaining a virtual wallet powered by WNC. Indeed, Winnest rewards your loyalty!

Our advertising tokens

Strong point of the Winnest platform, the loyalty token, or TWNC are credits that you will earn systematically during each of your contributions to the operations of the network.

During a purchase, a sale, or a sale made through your promotion or sponsorship of a product, the tokens will be distributed to you and to all users who have made the transaction possible, following a proportional redistribution at your level of involvement in sales and in the platform in general.

Earn TWNC on actions by your followers.


Influence & ambassador

Winnest offers the opportunity to interact on the platform via individual missions, with two or more people, quests that will allow you to upgrade, win TWNC and become influencer of the moment.

According to the E-reputation bonuses are offered: the unlocking of a bonus can promote an influencer position for several days, the financing of a sponsorship of a product or obtaining a high rank for a period .

Broadcast & advertising

Winnest revolutionizes the way information is disseminated and offers the opportunity to increase the visibility of a publication for free, thanks to the '' Boost '' sponsorship funded by the cumulated TWNC. Each share of a post boosted is rewarded in TWNC!

Winnest offers users the opportunity to become influencers or prescribers thanks to the synergy of its concept to develop intensively the network of followers.


In one of its most interesting features, Winnest allows influencers to sell WNC or TWNC advertising space on their news feeds (depending on their network of followers).

In one of its most interesting features, Winnest allows influencers to sell WNC or TWNC advertising space on their news feeds (depending on their network of followers).

A user can buy visibility and make targeted publications by interest and location on the influencer’s network.

To boost the reach, the buyer can also add a budget in TWNC by post sharing.

Winnest revolutionizes the way information is communicated and opens the boundaries of shared and targeted advertising.



Market study feasibility study February 2017
Entertaining business game concept April 2017
Specification June 2017
Creation of the back office and commercial team October 2017
Creation of the WNC cryptocurrency and its token December 2017
Creation of the ERC20 digital wallet January 2018
WNC presale October 2018
Beta A/B testing Winnest December 2018
Launch of the Winnest social marketplace Q3 2019
March 2017 Workflow project & Mokups
May 2017 Users survey
August 2017 Technical team creation
November 2017 Alpha Winnest function
January 2018 Integration of the digital wallet
February 2018 Fundraising
November 2018 Mainsale WNC
Q1 2019 WNC integration on the exchanges

V2 Winnest

Design an API & Syncronization module CMS ECOMMERCE in order to be able to connect the e-traders on the platform... Q1 2019

Conception of a corporate space to connect brands and influencers. Brands can be able to sponsor a WNC or TWNC influencer. Q1 2019


UX Integration

Topics settings

Design and mockups adjustements

"Search" option system developement + Filter

Back Office Integration

Integration of the TWNC management module

Integration of the MLA algorithm

Tokens distribution system's development

Setup & Integration of the Wallet management system

Integration of the creation module profiles & Ranking

Creation & integration of the order module, orders & payments management

Agile development of "Missions" Mode and E-Reputation Reward (creation of publishing algorithms)

Integration of the "shop" module (Bonus purchase system) and management of the parameters of influences (Target, Miles, Time)

Integration of the User management system (ALL information, and referencing by interests)

Creation of social modules (news feed, reviews, comments, Follow)

Setting up the Broadcast & Target Management tab

Integration of the diffusion system (post, influence, article)

Development of WNC conversion bot

Integration of tracking Share module, and campaign ADS TWNC (Sponsorship) + automation of redistributions per share

Integration of "Boost" module (ADS ON POST)

Check Integration kit operation

Development of visualization system of accumulated WNC and TWNC

AB Testing & Winnest SEO

Team Winnest


Thibault Miglior

Chief Digital Officer

Digital native - Running 5 digital company – Cryptocurrency thinker. Focus on Acquisition, development, growth and financial relationship. Partners: BPI / French Tech. More Than 4 Million euros in Equity.

Clément Houde

Chief Technical Officer

Young Entrepreneur – CEO of web Development Company (Pixodeo). Focus on international development, implementation and relationship (More Than 80 Partners around the world) 300k euros in Equity

Thomas Kautzsch

Chief Executive Officer

Physicist Engineer Focus on Business with millions of sales per year and digital asset

Angelo Galuppi

Financial Architect
Financial & Administrative Director

Focus on Aviation Business, Fundraiser 500K euros - Company Builders (SAS Culinary Jet SARL Fine Dining Flight)

David Aragones

Chief Analytics Officer

Running 7 Business (Shops and e-commerce), From University of Nice with Master Grade in Economy. Focus on project development Business Administration Expert.

Thomas Gedon

Chief Strategies Officer

Master of sale, marketing and negotiation with high relationship wallet in Monaco.

Nicolas Brun Sourit

Scrum Master

Great experience as a CEO of E-commerce Platform 600K euros business Sales / Year

Tidiane Coulibaly

Chief marketing officer

CEO Of CCU Sarl - Working on BI & Data Strategy and Politics, VP Ast Managing Director for Engineer Building Company. Partners: JCI Monaco, CCC, Planete of Finance Monaco, Tony Elumelu Foundation, AEBI Participation

Anthony Fabri

Chief Product Officer

Engineer of creation of product lifecycle management - Digital Currencies Focus on Software also working on I'Oreal and Safran Project

Fabio Galli

Chief Financial Officer

Financial Engineering - Trader collateral securities - Lending Investments banking Luxembourg, Very Focus on High skills in cryptocurrency and exchanges

Lucas Buffard

Chief Development Officer

Chief Development Officer Analyst project finance & development in Asia From HEC Montreal

Anthony Ruffo

Chief Information Officer

Great experience in financial Industry: NY, London, Paris From Investment banking to Investment Fund

Melody Abdelnour

Chief Design Officer

Owner of Graphic Design Master
Twice winner of wordlwide poster contest
(Poster of Tomorrow)
Publish in Grazia Magazine and web articles.

Vanille Abdelnour

Digital Project Lead

Owner - Award Winner with digital agency
Digital culture speaker

Mathieu Robin

Managing Editor

New technology advisor since 2010. Experience ad focus on Editorial Process

Émilie Catalan

Knowledge Manager

Graduated from a Marketing and R&D Master 
at Griffith University, Australia. Analyst and Manager of the collective intelligence.

Arnaud Meyer

Events manager / President of SAS Inception Events

Creation and Development of events in Monaco / French Riviera

Alexandre Mattelon

Product Owner

Web developer based in Monaco with a wide profile: IT maintenance and networks, web development and IT security. worked as CTO for multiple companies and funded his own web development agency. Partner: JCI Monaco

Hardik Thakker

Business Consultant 
and Full-stack developer

Advisor Blockchain & Smartcontract

Hardik Kansara

Senior Software Engineer

Advisor Blockchain & Smartcontract

Jalpesh Rajani

Business consultant 

Business consultant Blockchain & IT Software

Priority Token