A really useful coin

The implementation of a hierarchical system of user ranks allows a rapid evolution of your income according to your importance in the network.

We produced a total of 10,000,000,000 WNC; The very principle of the Winnest platform’s operation encourages its users to advance the WNC price by encouraging transactions through the distribution of loyalty Tokens, guaranteeing a potential gain from your investment.

Play, buy, sell on the Winnest platform!

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A smartcontract to give users credibility

Thanks to the latest developments in Ethereum's blockchain technology, which supports our cryptocurrency, user-to-user transactions are not only protected by a sophisticated security system, but also include a smart contract system.

From now on, the users' reputation accompanies the information constituting the "block" file. The information concerning their reliability (quality of the products sold, reactivity of the salesman, follow-up of the sale etc ...) are incorporated in the block and can be exported for integration with other market-places.
This immutable data retranscribed on the Blockchain is an asset to confirm the authenticity of a seller or a buyer, and establish a mutual trust relationship.


Growth as a dynamic

Winnest pulls out of the game by offering an e-commerce platform directly integrating all services necessary for sustainability and growth in the form of a social marketplace whose organization boosts transactions via multi level affiliate incentives encouraging WNC transactions.

This growth is also supported by a massive communication campaign, thanks to the automation of referencing processes generated by the operation of the MLA Winnest network, and thanks to sharing by its users.
Indeed, the development of our cryptocurrency will be boosted by a playful organization of transactions.

Each user will be able to rise in rank according to his level of implication on the platform. Various missions will be proposed, aiming at extending the importance of the network and attracting a maximum of users on the Winnest platform.

Moreover, our loyalty Token system can attract users who do not necessarily want to invest a starting amount in the Winnest platform but will become a productive force and ambassadors of the network; to win loyalty Tokens (TWNC) and eventually convert them to WNC, they will have to perform missions with various objectives such as sharing Winnest market place products.



Their promotion to the next rank will be defined among other things by the number of purchases and sales done via their shares and sponsorships.

Encouraged to favor the flow of transactions, they will participate in the growth of cryptocurrency, but also in the communication of the platform, thus contributing to the expansion of the community.
Every action, buying, selling, sharing and sponsoring generates TWNC!


WINNEST offers to take advantage now of presale. In October 2018 will be launched the sale of the WINNEST token, the WNC, whose issue will be limited to 5,000,000,000 WNC during the initial offer of tokens (ICO)

The broadcast of the tokens will last 12 weeks and will be broken down into 3 phases. The first phase is the issue of 1,000,000,000 tokens for 4 weeks of presale broken down into 2 phases of 2 weeks. The second phase is issuing 4,000,000,000 for 8 weeks of main sales. The duration of each of these phases will depend on two criteria: Time; each phase will have a limited duration. If at the end of this term all the tokens have not been sold, the remaining tokens are withdrawn .

The number of tokens available; At each issue if all of the tokens are sold, then the current phase ends and the other phase of tokens is put on sale, opening a new phase until the end of the 12 weeks.


Why buy WNC ?

WINNEST limits the total amount of WNC to 10,000,000,000 units. For a limited time, Winnest offers to buy WNCs with bonuses. From October until January 2019, the WNC will be available at a price of $ 0.005 per unit or 200 WNC for one dollar. A 4-week presales will offer 40% bonuses for the first two weeks and then 30% for the next two weeks on WNC purchases. the ICO will last a total of 12 weeks and will offer various bonuses.

Offer 1

Take advantage of discounts by sharing our initial money offering operation with your contacts!

depending on the platform on which you will share the operation, get bonuses on the number of WNCs purchased. Cumulate the shares on the three platforms offered and see your WNC bonus increase up to an additional 6%, regardless of how long you decide to purchase it.

Be among the first buyers to get the best rates!

Offer 2

Depending on the amount of your investment, WINNEST offers you the following bonuses during the whole period of the initial offer of currency.

Allocation Event

On 5 000 000 000 WNC cryptocurrency's presale :

Platform development



Material and servers

Maintenance, research and technological evolution

Perspective ICO

30 000 000

Winnest V2 development

1 000 000 000

Media promotion and international press

5 000 000

IOS/Android development

3 500 000 000

Internationalization & development

Out of 5 000 000 000 WNC Central Wallet :

Employement costs


Winnest users

Buy, Sell, Rent … And Play !

Products, real estate, services … No more slotting fees, set up your virtual shop in a minute. Enjoy an excellent exposure at no cost with the TWNC ! Extend you network of influence and multiply the gain sustainably !

Security and low transaction cost

Thanks to the Ethereum network, all your transactions are secured by the blockchain technology, the exchanges take place peer to peer without any intermediary. Increase your buying power on a revolutionary platform combining a collaborative economy and “social gaming”.

A profitable investment

The WINNEST platform deploys the most appropriate technologies in order to value the WNC. Whether you are an active user or just want to invest money that will “work” for you while you’re away, WINNEST implements tools designed to get fast and secure return on investment.

Money that only belongs to you

The WNC crypto currency benefits from an advantageous taxation as long as you keep it within the WINNEST network (The WNC taxation status depends on the laws in your country of residence). Thus, everything that you earn can be fully yours, no matter what you decide to do with it. According to the current crypto currency tax system in your country of residence, realize significant tax optimization keeping your crypto currency within the WINNEST network and make it your main buying and selling platform, you have everything to gain !

Make money playing

The WINNEST interface is designed as a modern game to offer a pleasurable experience. Intuitive dashboard, wide range of missions and competitions between users… The WINNEST technical team will animate the platform dynamically for a rich and entertaining experience.

The use of "SMART CONTRACTS" stops fraudulent users !

With the e-reputation that has been integrated directly into users’ profile using the smart contracts borne by the secured Blockchain system, no more bad surprises ! Be assured of the user’s reliability with whom you trade.

The marketing revolution to enhance products' visibility.

Being based on the multi-level affiliation that allows to pay all the stakeholders of the platform, sellers, buyers and players, the products and services highlight will be led by the users’ community. The TWNC redistributions encourage them to sponsor and share products and services with other users ensuring an optimal visibility. Your own sales and purchases on the platform will make you win TWNC that can be use to promote products at lower cost. To win even more TWNC, the sellers themselves can “play a game” by sponsoring or sharing competing offers.